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KMW signs MOU with Nokia for 5G technology and global business coopera…

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KMW signs MOU with Nokia for 5G technology and global business cooperation


● KMW and Nokia co-work on the domestic 5G ecosystem development and global business    expansion

 KMW proves the power of ‘5G Made-in-Korea’ based on the experience of commercializing 5G in     Korea for the first time in the world

 KMW displays 5G radio equipment at the Korea-Finland Business Forum for Finnish industry officials


(11 June 2019 – Finland) A Korean Radio Frequency company, KMW, signed a MOU with Nokia on 11th regarding 5G technology cooperation and overseas sales.


This MOU was based on technological cooperation between Nokia, a global telecommunication equipment company, and KMW, a domestic SME with outstanding technologies on 5G. The MOU is meaningful because it is a win-win cooperation developing the domestic 5G ecosystem and the foundation for overseas market. Particularly, the joint development of 5G key product variants by global 5G leader and domestic SME entering overseas market shows the outstanding fundamentals of ICT of Korea. The two companies will not only work closely for the deployment of domestic 5G infrastructure, but also for the overseas demand for those preparing 5G commercialization with similar product variants.


The jointly developed Massive MIMO, one of the most important equipment in 5G, is a multi-input, multi-output device that combines multiple antennas to provide a ‘beamforming function’ that concentrates the radio waves to enhance signal strength. The two companies have been co-developing since 2016 and after releasing a commercial version last year, it has supplied equipment to all three domestic operators that commercialized 5G services for the first time in the world.


With this MOU, KMW’s overseas market entry is expected to pick up speed. The jointly developed Massive MIMO will be introduced to countries who seek for 5G commercialization. Also, KMW will continue to cooperate with Nokia for product optimization and technological advancement.


Kevin Ahn, Head of Nokia Korea, said "Nokia and KMW, who have been closely cooperating in mutual trust, have been successful working for the deployment of 5G infrastructure in Korea. Together, we have contributed to the world’s first commercialization of 5G and will continue to cooperate for the development of the 5G ecosystem. Nokia expects this MOU to grow into a more comprehensive partnership through mutual trust”.


President Kim of KMW said "I am sincerely pleased with the work done with Nokia, a leading 5G company, as it became an opportunity to promote the excellence of Korea’s technology to the world. Furthermore, we were able to contribute to the deployment of the world’s first 5G commercialization. Based on this MOU, we will contribute to the revitalization of the domestic 5G ecosystem and make it an opportunity to communicate with many customers around the world”.


Currently, KMW is displaying its 5G radio equipment at the Korea-Finland Business Forum for Finnish operators and industry officials.

[Photo 1] KMW and Nokia participated in the Korea-Finland Business Forum held in Finland and is showing the jointly developed 5G radio equipment.


[Photo 2] Massive MIMO jointly developed by Nokia and KMW