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FAQ 검색

Craeer FAQ List

  1. Q

    When are you hiring?


    A. We recruit new talent as needed by work position. The available job openings are posted on the job portal. Please submit the application referring to the relevant job posting.

  2. Q

    Can I apply even if there is no job posted on the job portal?


    You can submit your application. The career opportunities in KMW are always open. We always review applications submitted via insa@kmw.co.kr even when there is no job posting on the job portal.

  3. Q

    How do I apply for a job and what are the mandatory documents to submit?


    Submit documents according to the format described in the job posting on the job portal. (Resume and cover letter are mandatory. For experienced professionals, a statement of past work experience is required.)

    If you want to apply for year-round recruitment without waiting for a job opening, you may apply by email using the company form.

  4. Q

    What are the eligibility criteria?


    Eligibility criteria, such as education, work experience, and certificates, vary by position, so please check the eligibility of individual job postings. 

    In the case of overseas sales requiring communication with overseas customers and partners, foreign language skill is essential.

  5. Q

    How do I check my acceptance after submitting the job application?


    Each applicant will be notified by phone, SMS, or email.

  6. Q

    What is the interview process?


    The first interview will focus on work competencies and the second interview with the CEO and management will focus on the applicant’s character and compatibility with KMW’s perspective of good talent.

  7. Q

    If I get rejected, can I reapply for jobs posted in the future?


    Yes. You can apply any number of times. Each application will be reviewed independently.