Introduce KMW,
the global leader in wireless communications.

  • 01.CEO Statement

    Currently, the World is facing limitations on establishing sustainable society
    because of resource depletion, pollution, global warming and etc.
    In line to this, KMW Inc. is also being influenced directly and indirectly by these global and climatic changes.
    These global issues have revolutionized the rules of the game for global supply chain principles
    and definitely impacted not only KMW’s global suppliers but also KMW’s every businesses and operations.
    KMW anticipates that the influence of these issues will increase drastically in the future.

    To actively to respond to not only the new opportunities and risks of the future market
    but also to provide a better world to our future generations, KMW Inc.
    plans to implement corporate social responsibility through active response to relevant issues in the long term and systematic approach.
    In short, this is the KMW Inc’s perspectives on sustainable management and green management.
  • 02.Energy and Climate Change

    After the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 and became effective in 2005,
    it is evident that climate change and impact caused by emitted GHG gases are critical issues facing all countries and enterprises on global scale.
    Alerted by extreme weather phenomena in Republic of Korea in recent years,
    KMW Inc. has realized that GHG emitted from the use of energy has significantly contributed to extreme weather conditions.
    Based on the above awareness and our commitment to environmental sustainability,
    KMW Inc. have coordinated its internal departments and partners in the supply chain with the needs of our global client to actively conduct reviews on and manage energy and resources inventory and engage in all GHG reduction initiatives.
    In line to its efforts on coping with climate change and energy saving issues,
    KMW has been establishing GHG emission inventories and implementing carbon management every year since 2010
    and has initiated green SCM(Supply Chain Management) programs with suppliers in 2013.
    These GHG emission reduction strategies would be internalized in all of KMW’s employees,
    from manufacturing processe enhancement to plant-wide operation level.
  • 03.Carbon & Energy Management

    In KMW Inc, the basic policies regarding environment sustainability affairs
    and carbon management are set by the QS team and all of KMW’s departments are given with responsibilities
    and authorities on establishing relevant strategies and management methods.
    Currently, all of KMW’s employees are inclined to announcing and fulfilling carbon management procedures based on its carbon management guidelines.
    According to the GHG inventory of KMW Inc, most of its GHG emissions are derived from the use of LNG and indirect emission by the use of electricity.
    Therefore, KMW’s current focus on carbon management is concentrated on managing stationary combustion of LNG(Direct emission) and electricity use(Indirect emission).
    Based on each department’s responsibilities and relevant functional units KMW has set up Green & environmental planning.
    It is expected that through stringent management mechanisms, all employees will follow the PDCA cycle to carry out Green management action (environment, carbon, energy control) in both administrative and operational perspectives.
    The energy management operations not only contribute to GHG emission reduction
    but also enhance production efficiency to achieve cost reduction.
    Thus, these operations contribute to the management improvement
    and KMW Inc. will continue to implement energy saving operations and greenhouse gas reduction activities.

  • 04.EHS Management

    KMW Inc. has achieved its ISO14001 certification on all of its business sites
    since the year 2001 starting from its factory site located in Korea’s Dong-tan area.
    In addition, KMW has completed its goal of establishing “Global environment management system”
    by acquiring ISO14001 certification on all of overseas business sites.
    In addition, KMW is currently operating its enhanced environment management system
    by implementing consolidated certification system evaluation including its 1st tier suppliers
    since 2013 in order to strengthen its environment management system and enhance environmental performance in terms of supply chain management.
    To achieve this goal, KMW has organized environmental management teams in every business departments
    and managed its relevant activites along with numerous programs including employee training and etc.
    In terms of chemical issues, KMW has implemented MADAMSII IT system, which is a chemical substance management system,
    in the corporate network to actively cope with every domestic/international chemical substance regulations.
    In addition, KMW is currently working on establishing response procedures for EU’s regulation on new chemical substances,
    implementing policy on prohibiting the use of ozone depleting substances/major heavy metals
    and adoption of eco-design guidelines regarding recycling to cope with newly emerging environmental issue.
  • 05.Quality Management

    KMW Inc. is consistently enhancing its competitive power for quality through Design Process Compliance,
    Ensuring the best quality parts, Operation of optimized Manufacturing Process and Continuous Improvement Actions.