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C-band 64TRx 640W 25kg mMIMO Hardware Ready

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5G era,

To overcome the limitations of technology, we ask several questions to switch to a new paradigm.

Is it possible to support superior mobile service to subscribers with high output power radio such as 640W?

Is it possible to solve the heat dissipation issue caused by high output power radio?

Is it possible to optimize the radio volume and weight when minimize the number of base station installations simultaneously?

What if all these possible?


Modular mMIMO is the answer.

The core technology of Modular mMIMO is implementing AFAM as one Modular Architecture.

The antenna composed in the Module allows the easier adaption of Frequency Variation by using a Full band Antenna.

For filter variation, it supports iBW from 200MHz to 400MHz.

And in terms of Power Amplifier Variation, it has high output power performance up to 640W.

The most distinctive feature of Modular mMIMO is the separation of heat sources by implementing AFAM as a Modular Architecture as shown earlier.

The conventional mMIMO has a heat sink pin at the rear and, so far, most heat is released to the pins and fans.

In comparison, Modular mMIMO can expect a high heat dissipation effect by separating the main heat sources into the front and rear sides.

Another feature is size.Traditional 64TRX RUs require a minimum volume of 30kg and 60ℓ volume.This falls short of the expectations of 5G demand aiming to minimize system size.

However, Modular mMIMO system is completed as smaller, lighter, and high output power just less than 25kg and 50ℓ.

Modular mMIMO dramatically raised the level of existing mMIMO’s limitation by fully reflecting the needs of 5G global markets and service operators.

When adding an RTS and Beam Navigation solution from KMW, Total Cost savings and greater synergy for 5G commercialization can be expected.

RU Hardware Specialist, KMW. 

With its innovative technology, KMW will become your global partner leading the 5G era.