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KMW Antenna Aiming Solution : RTS

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With innovative ideas, we create a better environment.
With safer technology, we think of the people first.
RTS, which creates the future with technology, will add value to our lives.
​The world is changing and the technology is rapidly evolving.
It is no longer possible to make an optimized result with the existing methods.
RTS overcomes the disadvantages and limitations of existing equipment, providing a more advanced network environment.
In the city of modern society, various networks are connected to each other.
A repeater is installed in the point area where the radio waves will be sent and a certain frequency is exported to optimize the network.
But what if there are unexpected disturbance that changes this optimized network?
Frequencies will become weaker, and a blind spot will occur.
Eventually, a situation will occur in which you will have to restart network optimization from the beginning.
However, the existing mechanism is dangerous, time-consuming, and even difficult to stabilize with accuracy.
But RTS is different,
because the RTS is a new solution that can settle any sudden change of the network with remote control.
Even if a radio disturbance occurs, RTS can resolve the problem quickly and accurately in real time, easily controlling at the Central Control Center.
The risk of accidents also decreases significantly since we remotely control it without working directly.
We designed Easy Block structure so the equipment can safely and easily be mounted.
In addition, because we make an accurate network diagnosis and control remotely, this results in a reduction in maintenance and various costs such as labor costs.
From technology to humans.
Technology that transforms the world into a beautiful place.
Our value will always be directed towards humans.
RTS is an innovative and secure product that delivers both safety and easy-to-use control.
How can all of this be possible?
RTS can freely move around 60° horizontally, and up to 40° vertically.
Moreover, it can be securely and easily installed with Easy Block.
It is applicable to various types of brackets; you can install the most suitable bracket for your site.
With the simple and sophisticated design for the space efficiency and harmony with the environment, RTS works in a positive way for the city aesthetics.
With high resolution camera and GPS, you can pinpoint the area of ​​radio interference
All of the control processes are completely executed by the Central Control Center.
RTS, can easily, rapidly, and securely build and control the network environment anywhere.
Human and technology,
towards the infinite potential.
Company that makes dreams come true through endless efforts
KMW will be there.