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OPRA (Orthogonal Polarization Reuse Antenna)

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The newest and most unique solution that expands the cell capacity and coverage, OPRA.

OPRA’s remarkable benefits.

How is it possible?

The core technology of OPRA, Orthogonal Polarization Reuse Technology, is based on two different orthogonal polarization.

Space, Time, and frequency, are separated which is a technology for the reuse of different polarization. 

By minimizing the correlation between adjacent beams generated from using in the same polarization on one antenna,

it enables using Narrow Multi-Beams without any restriction of performance.

Consequently, it brings an increase in capacity and coverage.

it brings a groundbreaking effect to increase capacity and to extend coverage.

Such OPRA technology can be implemented in both the RF and digital parts domains.

With OPRA, capacity has increased by more than 36% compared to the conventional one.

Coverage has also expanded extended by over 39%.

However, the number of base station installations can be reduced by 28%.

This performance can be verified at field tests. 

In general, the interference is bigger as much as the number of beams and cells increases. 

The application of OPRA technology reduces interference by minimizing correlation.

Thus, fixed beamforming RU with OPRA is expected to replace mMIMO RU in the future.

As a result, there is a significant reduction in CAPEX and OPEX, which completely fulfills not only market needs

but also opens the new era of the Global Eco-system with massively saving energy.

OPRA technology has been academically recognized published in ISAP2020 and under review on IEEE transaction on antenna and propagation.

Many patents have also been applied. . All related patents have also been applied.

OPRA, it becomes a new key strength for global partners and you.

It opens a new era of mobile communication environment via paramount improvement of performance with saving energy

for our next generation and social responsibility.